Sunday 25 March 2018

Data Visualization Website with Shiny

My second Shiny app is dedicated to data visualization.
Here users can simply upload any csv or txt file and create several plots:

  • Histograms (with option for faceting)
  • Barchart (with error bars, and option for color with dodging and faceting)
  • BoxPlots (with option for faceting)
  • Scatterplots (with options for color, size and faceting)
  • TimeSeries

  • Error bars in barcharts are computed with the mean_se function in ggplot2, which computes error bars as mean ± standard error. When the color option is set, barcharts are plotted one next to the other for each color (option dodging).

    For scatterplots, if the option for faceting is provided each plot will include a linear regression lines.

    Some examples are below:

    For the time being there is no option for saving plots, apart from saving the image from the screen. However, I would like to implement an option to have plots in tiff at 300dpi, but all the code I tried so far did not work. I will keep trying.

    The app can be accessed here:

    The R code is available here:


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